Inspiring Blog: 17 and Baking

17_BakingWhen I was 16, I was throwing a football around and hitting up the movie theater with friends.

Elissa Bernstein was creating delicious recipes for her very own baking blog – 17 and Baking.

Seattle-ite Elissa, now 18, discovered her passion for baking in middle school when she bought her first cook book. Her love for baking escalated with her first Kitchen Aid mixer at age 15. At age 16 she decided to put her passion into action. She published 17 and Baking, a collection of her delicious concoctions.

There’s no question that this teenager is talented. Her blog has caught national attention, with features on Serious Eats, the Kitchn and Girlfriend Magazine. She has even been compared to Julia Child. Seattle restaurant SeaStar took Elissa on as an intern, a position they created just for her.

Now in college studying journalism, Elissa is cultivating her passion for baking. Despite her busy schedule she continues to update her blog with new recipes. From delicious donuts to tempting tea cakes, Elissa’s recipe collection is extensive and delicious.

Elissa is a great example of a young baker finding a talent, and using it to create delicious recipes to share with everyone.

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